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In order to compete in the global marketplace, businesses need to be reaching out to customers across the globe and engaging them in the language, and within their culture. This reach now spans many sectors and can be the difference between the success or failure of a country. 


Rennert were approached by a very high-profile Fortune 100 company to produce two 30-minute videos within a six-week timeframe. The client needed to deliver them in local languages. The videos would be used across their business to highlight their work and reach a larger audience.


Finding the translators within the language group and cultural group to work on the project. However, it was not just a case of the language, but of specialist knowledge within the finance sector.

Translators were required to have previous experience with multi-media and an extensive knowledge of the process involved. 

Rennert interviewed and vetted over 20 translators in order to find the perfect two.

The Client was new to the need of translation and assumed that it would be easy to do, and they also assumed that Spanish was the same wherever it was spoken in the world.  Working with the client to educate them on the differences, and to bring them aboard the process, was a challenge that both stepped up to.

Our team then worked closely with the client to make sure that every aspect of the project met and exceeded their expectations.

Rennert delivered the two videos ahead of schedule and to the highest quality. The Client was so delighted with the partnership and results that they changed the initial project of two videos to 54 videos. 

This new number of videos required more translators, and the vetting process was repeated, with the exact specifications required by the client. Again, Rennert worked very closely with the client in order to truly understand every nuance and aspect of the video project.


Our team worked diligently and strategically in order to produce the videos in a variety of languages. Our highly trained and vetted translators delivered the full project one day ahead of time.