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"You will sea the difference!"

A startup cosmetic company that specializes in using botanical ingredients (sea-based company) asked for help in translating their slogan in order for them to launch their brand in Spanish speaking countries:


Having a success startup business in the English-speaking world, the company had a catchy slogan, using a play on words “You will sea the difference!" This worked well in their existing markets, and the slogan was recognized. For a startup company brand awareness is hugely important as they grow. Therefore, when launching into the Spanish speaking countries, the client thought that they could simply ask for the slogan to be translated.


Play on words are very specific to languages, and therefore to translate them directly the meaning is nearly always lost.  In English, SEE and SEA are homophones, words that sound the same in English, but have very different meanings.

In Spanish, SEE is Ver and SEA is Mar, so the meaning definitely couldn’t work when translated. At first, while working closely with the client it was suggested that the slogan “You will SEE the difference” be used, negating the need to translate the play on words, and being very straight forward. The client was more than ok with this suggestion and agreed to work with that.

However, Rennert’s amazing team of Spanish linguists transcreated an alternative. Transcreation, as opposed to translation, allows for the linguist to find a culturally appropriate version that conveys the same meaning and tone, while not being a translation.

Through the process of transcreation our linguists presented the following: ¡Notará una diferencia maravillosa! - this version allowed for the word MAR (sea) to be added in italics, which would keep the spirit of the company.

As a result of the transcreation approach our clients and their customers were extremely happy with the result, and their campaign in Spanish speaking countries was a success, raising brand awareness of the beauty company.