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Six Reasons Startups Need to Invest in Translation

Let’s face it, startups are strapped for cash. Founders are focused on business development, fundraising, and GROWTH. Everything else is left to be dealt with “another day”.

In the early days of a startup, the team aims to find product-market-fit and understand their customer. Despite heavy attention on understanding the customer, many startups fail to recognize the importance translation plays in reaching the entire market. The world doesn’t speak one language. In fact, everyone in the U.S. doesn’t speak one language. So why are your website, packaging, and marketing materials all in one language?

Startups should consider translation and transcreation in the same category as growth. Catering to other languages opens new opportunities with other customer demographics that can contribute to user adoption. You may be experimenting with different features or marketing tactics, but what if all along your traction was hindered by language and messaging?

6 reasons to consider translation services:

  • Expanding to a new market (or testing in a new market)
  • Expanding to a wider audience/demographic
  • Legal reasons (certain industries have language regulations on packaging)
  • Making your brand/company inclusive
  • Properly communicating your company’s value
  • Building trust and closer relationships with your customer

Believe it or not, translation services are not as expensive as you may think. Rennert Translation Group is able to identify the key areas that will create the most impact for startups while staying within budget. Don’t let your company get lost in translation!

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