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New York City: A Hub for Translation and Language Services

If you’ve ever spent time in New York City, one of the first things you probably noticed was how incredibly diverse the Big Apple is. New York City is home to well more than a hundred different languages, and half of all New Yorkers speak English as a second language – or not at all.

Common languages spoken in New York include not only English, but Spanish, Chinese, Russian, Korean, Bengali, French, Albanian, Yiddish, Japanese, Tagalog, Swedish, French Creole, and Turkish. Different neighborhoods are home to different languages. For instance, you’re most likely to hear Yiddish in Brooklyn, but you’re more likely to hear Bengali or Albanian in The Bronx.

New York City is truly a tapestry of different languages and cultures. One of the biggest challenges for many companies is how to prepare their marketing campaigns effectively for all those different languages and cultures. That’s one of the skills a good language services company needs to have.

Not only have many immigrants brought their own languages to New York City, but New York is also a center of trade as well as diplomacy. Business meetings in New York City often involve the use of more than one language, and the United Nations is also headquartered in New York City.

As you can see, New York is truly a global metropolis. The city simply couldn’t function without skilled translation services. New York is a hub for translation and language services because it needs to be one, and Rennert Translation Group is here to meet that need.

At the Rennert Translation Group we employ expert translators for more than 180 different languages, ensuring that we can solve any translation problem New York can throw at us. If you need translation or language services in New York City, contact the Rennert Translation Group!

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