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Finding the words since... 1420! - Happy International Translation Day!

Have you heard of the Feast of St. Jerome? Who was Jerome anyway? Well, St. Jerome is attributed as being the translator of the bible, the most translated book in the world and therefore, the patron saint of all translators.

Since 1953, the International Federation of Translators have celebrated this idea, and it was officially recognized in 1991.  

It is a day to promote the profession of Translation, but it is also a day that recognizes the work worldwide, beyond the Christian border of St. Jerome. Each year the International Federation of Translators celebrates the day with a mission, they recognize that the world has become increasingly global and essential in the world we live in, but must also honor and show pride in all languages and cultures. 2019 was named the International Year of Indigenous Languages, where they shone a spotlight on the thousands of indigenous languages around the globe and the need to understand the culture while translating.

2020 has proven so far to be a challenging year, and one where translators have been needed for critical work during this pandemic. So, it should come as no surprise to anyone that the theme of year, for 2020, is Finding the words for a World in crisis.   

So, today, raise a cheer for those who are ensuring that we receive critical and timely information when we need it, in whatever language we need.  

Happy International Translation Day! 

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